Mum of one cute little boy, expat in Espoo Finland since 2019, I have always been thinking about having my own food blog.

When I was young (!), I started my professional journey as an occupational therapist and I’ve been working in this field for several years. But when we arrived in Cornwall in UK, I had to redesign my professional life (my English was so bad at this time…). So I took this opportunity to finally dig in the cooking world: I studied cooking and I had my diploma in 2018 while I was working in a deli-café in Falmouth.

After a new moving to Finland, I took some time to focus of our new member of the family, and now I’m behind my computer, putting some time to create this space!

I’m passionate about food, my first motivation to cook is because I will eat after and it’s even better if I can share it with family and friends! I love biscuits and cookies, brioches and bread, vegetables and crepes, I love pizzas on Friday night and pancakes on Sunday morning, I love outdoors picnic and cups of chaï tea on a cold afternoon…to name but a few! Now I’m even more motivated to pass on this to my little one, he is so curious about the food on our table, I want to guide him in this world.

I’m also interested by DIY, sewing and crochet (some fruits and vegetables of course), yoga, running, dancing (only at home with my people ;)), well a lot of things!


The main propose is to share recipes I have tried and loved at home, I want them to be written somewhere. I’m cooking daily food or food for specials occasions, it could be salty, or sweet, could be baking, or french patisserie and even food for toddlers now :)! But it’s always tasty, sometimes beautiful…

I try a lot of recipes from my cookbooks and blogs I really like, I’m looking for the inspiration, I have a big list of “to cook” or “to bake”, I adapt the recipes to my taste and they all need to be approved by Mister and Mini before I publish them here!


I would love to have feed back from you, and know a bit more about you, so if you want to contact me, don’t hesitate please, I will be more than happy to discuss.

Thanks for coming to visit me on my blog, and maybe for leaving a comment, I hope you have found some ideas or inspiration!